We were established in 1893, as a result of small group meetings in several communities in Kent County, Maryland. The first A.M.E. Church in this area was organized. The community of Butlertown was founded by Free Blacks prior to the Civil War it is likely there would have been an African American church or meeting house in Butlertown much earlier than 1893. The name “Mount Olive” came into being from a GOD-given vision to a dedicated person. A site of ground was purchased through the leadership of Nathaniel Tilghman, Richard Walker, and John Hallanges. A church was built under the guidance and care of “Uncle Samuel Butler”, a dedicated trustee. The church was later admitted to the Baltimore Conference.

Some of the earlier trustees were: Joseph Bergans, Alexander Butler, Cyrus Butler, Jefferson Freeman, Perry Rosier, Nathaniel Tilghman, and Edward Wilson. The early years of the church were long and hard, but it was that special something for which they had prayed. They were about good work, the serious business of CHRIST, the saving of people’s souls, and the preaching of the Gospel.

Many pastors provided leadership that enhanced spiritual growth and holistic development. God’s servants appointed to Mount Olive:

The Reverend Rufus Curtis The Reverend Joshua Waters

The Reverend W. R. Chew The Reverend C. A. Hayman

The Reverend W. J. Miller The Reverend E. H. Purnell

The Reverend J. G. Barnes The Reverend Samuel Beard

The Reverend Charles Parker The Reverend D. A. Foreman

The Reverend Charles Jones The Reverend O. L. Molock

The Reverend E. A. Lyte The Reverend John T. Chambers

The Reverend Frederick W. Jones, Jr. The Reverend Cordell E. Hunter, Sr.

The Reverend Sheridan Knight The Reverend Wendell Gary

The Reverend Alfred Barnes The Reverend Isaac D. Wilson, III

The Reverend Monique Upshur Davis

Through the fruit of Mount Olive, men and women were ordained into the local and itinerant ministry. They were the Reverends Joseph B. Walker, III, Richard Walker, Samuel Dorsey, Harrison Tilghman, Albert J. Walker, James Walker, Norman Blackston, Helen Whye Butler, Janice Blackston, Mary Walker, Denise Jones, and Isaac D. Wilson, III.

We praise GOD for dedicated Presiding Elders. Noted are:

Presiding Elder W.A. Mosley

Presiding Elder Frederick G. Jones, Sr.

Presiding Elder Dr. Earle M. Brooks

Presiding Elder Ernest L. Montague, Sr.

These elders gave many years of service for which we are grateful. The Reverend Ernest L. Montague, Sr. is our current Presiding Elder.

As Mount Olive grew, the Reverend John T. Chambers shared a vision of a new edifice. In 1966, two acres of land were purchased from Clark's Farm. A new building was dedicated to God by Bishop W. Murph in 1973. Church programs were enhanced, organizations implemented new goals and responsibilities, and The Booster Chorus was called “his and GOD's” as they sang and prayed to GOD.

The Reverend Frederick W. Jones, Jr. was appointed to Mount Olive in 1975. He carried the glittering torch. His outstanding program coordination, spiritual enhancement, and direction continued GOD’s work.

In 1984, the Reverend Cordell E. Hunter, Sr. was appointed to Mount Olive. Under his pastoral leadership, the mortgage debt was retired. Shortly thereafter a parsonage was built and the mortgage was retired in 1993. In 2002, Mount Olive was approved to renovate the present edifice and complete a 350 seat multi-purpose facility to serve as the Life Center. This undertaking was completed and dedicated by Bishop Vinton R. Anderson in 2003.

In 2012, the Reverend Isaac D. Wilson, III was appointed to Mount Olive. The Mount Olive Praise Team was birthed. He strengthened the ministries and spiritual formation of Mount Olive.

Throughout the years, Mount Olive has realized continued blessings through the increase of ministries, receiving state funding for Drug Prevention and Awareness Programs; Bone Marrow Registration, increased Voter’s Education, Participation, and Registration; Community Crime Watch program; Life Membership in the NAACP, and impact in the election of the first African American Councilperson in Chestertown, Maryland. We formed partnerships with the Maryland Food Bank and the Minority Outreach and Technical Assistance (MOTA) Program. We continue to engage in the needs of the community and surrounding area.

On March 23, 2019, at the 203rd Session of the Historic Baltimore Annual Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, GOD saw fit under the servant leadership of Bishop James L. Davis, Presiding Prelate of the Second Episcopal District to appoint Mount Olive’s first female pastor, the Reverend Monique Upshur Davis. The Reverend Davis is committed with the help of GOD to enhance and expand the established foundation at Mount Olive and to further equip, educate, and empower the disciples to live our Purpose and Mission and to Conceptualize and Realize our Vision through unwavering faith in our Motto!

Our Motto: “There is No Limit with GOD in Mount Olive” Luke 1:37 NASB